Declaration published by Ustad Sezai Karakoç in Dirilis
Magazine dated January 1991


I am calling on you.

Heads of State, Presidents, Kings whoever rules
Muslim Countries, I am addressing you.

Heads of State of Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and other Muslim Countries, I am addressing you.

No matter how you came to your existing position, either through drift or twist of fate, either through inheritance by father or grandfather, either through your own efforts, either with right and law, either by force you grasped the rule of your people, I call you and say that you are face to face with the most critical task, with the heaviest responsibility and duty of the history. You should have fulfilled this task already up to now. Today is the last due moment of the last moment.

What is this mission?

This task is that you immediately must come together and sign a DEFENSE TREATY and stick to it exactly. If any one of the muslim countries is attacked, you have to agree in advance that you have to defend altogether.

Why is there a need for such a treaty? Western countries started to invade the oil region of the Gulf. When they succeed that occupation, they will attack Iraq altogether. Their excuse is ready. This excuse has already been initiated by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

After occupying Iraq, each of your countries will be attacked by air, naval, and land forces of these western countries one by one with an excuse just as the Moguls invaded the Muslim Countries. At that time neighbors were just watching when other neighbor countries were being invaded. However, each muslim country faced the same fate just as what happened after the split of Andalusia. When one seignory was attacked by Spanish forces, the others were just waiting for their turn, standing still and monotonously, like a sheep to be sacrificed.

Do not put your countries in the same circumstances again, you heads of state, presidents, kings! Draw a lesson from history.

When you attempt to sign such a treaty, if western countries try to prevent this, that’s when the necessity of such a treaty becomes much more evident. If they are to attack our countries after they have attacked an oil region, our negligence of not signing such a treaty will cost us too much. If westerners do not intend to attack us, but Iraq will attack us as they claim, they should not be worried of such a defense agreement.

As it will be mentioned in this treaty, the fight will be only against those who attack another country. Therefore, anyone who will be offended by this treaty must have suspicious intentions. If they do not have bad intentions, they should not have any excuse for not defending such an agreement of defense.

Oh you kings, rulers, heads of state, presidents!
We are at a critical moment. Do not waste time, come together, and you just immediately sign the defense treaty just like an insurance for Muslim Countries.

If you fail to do that, sons of the unfortunate people and history will not commemorate your negligence with gratitude.

I have been writing thirty years. In all my books, I clearly wrote many times that the west is going to attempt to invade oil regions and other countries one by one. Unfortunately, my foresight is materializing today. If only I turned out to be a liar!

Today I see my comment on invasion of Kuwait is on newspaper headlines after four months. Now, I warn you of a near future, act, leave aside protocol -protocol is of a matter of form and procedure and is necessary for essence-. Protocol should not come before the essence. If it does, then it is harmful, it should be ignored. Yes, do not be prisoners of protocols, diplomatic traditions, but you govern them. Because, all of these are for the trust of people, but they are not rules obeyed just for the sake of harming this trust. Diplomatic rules are not universal human rights rules. As being the rulers of people willing to live independently, you should need to see and evaluate all these rules in this context.

If Iraq withdraws from Kuwait, take Iraq into this defense unity. Because the westerners would like to confront Iraq with you no matter what it costs.

No call, no article, no letter can be written as open as this call of mine.

I am fulfilling a mission by warning you against evil plans. If possible and if it is to be effective, I would like to visit each of you and convince you of this agreement. But alas, I am not in that strength and facility. Only I can address you here. Now. I am addressing you.

Without wasting time, convert the Islamic Union Secretariat to a real, effective, military, economic and cultural union. At least to a defense pact.

If you need to overcome yourself in order to realize this, please do, please overcome once; for Allah, for religion, overcome yourself for our country and nation. Because you should be aware of that, no matter how divided by the westerners, our country and nation is in fact united as one. This nation (millet) is one nation, this country is one country. It was like this in the past, shall be like this in the future.

Current situation is temporary, nothing else then an incidental period of interregnum. You could not have forgotten everything, just revisit your dreams, maybe you will find a crumb of my screams there.

Remember your childhood. Don’t you remember last wills and testament of your grandfathers, fathers, mothers, real philosophers, poets and saints?

Do you believe you will stay forever in your current positions?

Near friends tell the reality. You should know that if you do not do the essential at this terrible time of the history, you will be thrown from the peak, towards the deepest absence with the heaviest of the storms.

Press your ear on the earth you step. Dead underneath shout in millions and tell you to save this innocent nation and country.

Hear the voices coming from mountains, hills and hearts. Do not wait until the morning, come together and agree to sign even in the midst of evening.

You overcome yourself once to hear the voice rising from the mosques, domes, from the pages of manuscripts, and from all the country and history.

Remember your ideals of youth. Ideas withering around and scorching many young people. Remember martyrs remaining in the deserts abroad, whose blood is sucked by dark soil, who died for the sake of their religion, nation, and country (all these are our holy values knitted together, not possible to split) during World War I. Remember bloods and tears spilled. Remember the tears of mothers.

Nearly a century has passed over the break of unity. What is the benefit of our countries? If you look at the past for a moment, you will see forming a defense treaty as an inevitable life and death issue.

Overcome yourself once oh heads of state, presidents, kings to tear up the blindfold pulled by the Westerners! Just take lessons from the seen fate of sheiks, emirs (rulers). Reckon the age, before reckoned by the age. I am addressing you in deep hearth believing to reflect the wills of billions of Muslims. No time remained, time of destiny is nearby. Someone might say that you are not worth this call considering your attitudes up to now. Even though it is like this, it is a task of warning since you are in power now. If you do not fulfill this task, of course there will be a great revolution, and those who are going to fulfill this task will come to power. I warn you in person, and besides yourself, all muslim world, and greater Islamic nation (Millet-i Islâm). I blow the big awakening and resurrection trump. What a pity to those ears not hearing this popping voice! What a good news for those going to wake and revive even at the last minute…